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M.Sc Applied Geology :

1. Hydrogeology

2. Exploration Geophysics

3. Environmental Hydrogeology

4. Applied Hydrogeochemistry

B.E Civil Engineering :

1. Engineering Geology


Introduction  - Hydrologic cycle - groundwater and geologic processes

Groundwater flow

Estimation of aquifer parameters

Groundwater abstraction - wells

Groundwater quality

Well logging - Video 1  Video 2


Intro. to Expl Geophysics

Electrical Resistivity Method

Electrical Self Potential Method

Electrical Induced Polarisation, Electromagnetic and GPR methods

Gravity Methods

Magnetic Methods

Seismic Methods

Seismic Refraction Methods

Seismic Reflection Methods

Radioactive Methods

Well logging1

Well logging2

Well logging - Video1  Video 2


Environmental Hydrogeology:

Introduction-Recharge-Mass movement

Mining and hydrogeology

Hydrogeology for waste disposal sites

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater protection


Invited Lectures

How to write a research proposal?


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