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Name of the work Month/Year Client
Hydrogeological investigation to assess the cause and source of groundwater seepage April 2017-November 2017 TCL Ltd, Ranipet
Geo-engineering mapping of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Facility project at Kalpakkam October 2015 - December 2016 Larsen & Toubro, Chennai
Investigation for anomalous materials by electrical resistivity and ground penetrating radar methods at Sakkudi, Madurai, Tamil Nadu August – September 2013 An individual

Geophysical and hydrogeological investigation for assessing the feasibility of groundwater pumping for Ferro Concentrates Pvt Ltd, Karnataka

July-October 2013 MECON Ltd, Bangaluru

Resistivity survey for locating electrical earthing at project site of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Chittur, Andhra Pradesh

January-February 2013 Cosmic Power Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune

Hydrogeological studies to assess the dewatering requirements for deepening of limestone mines

October-December 2012 Krishna Mines, Tirunelveli
Performance evaluation of WTS China Electrical Resistivity Meter January – April  2012 WTS Ltd, Chennai

Identification of suitable location for electrical earthling for HPCL Storage Facility, Ennore, Chennai

Oct 2010

Cosmic Power Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune

Geological and hydrogeological mapping of founding strata of electro chlorination plant, Kalpakkam

June2009 - July 2010

Kriloskar Brothers Limited

Geophysical investigations and groundwater modelling to study the impact of pumping for 100 MLD desalination plant, Nemmili, Chennai

June -December 2007

MECON Ltd, Bangalore

Hydrogeological investigations at FRFCF and NSDF sites, Kalpakkam

June 2005-May 2008

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam

Lithological investigations of bore holes drilled for Nuclear repository at Kalpakkam

May 2004

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Petrography of deep bore hole samples from Kalpakkam region

May 2004

Gammon India Ltd, Mumbai

Geological mapping of founding strata of the Proto-type Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu.

Jan- Sep 2004

SRC Ltd, Chennai

Petrographic studies of foundation strata of a major office complex

March 2003

Geo-foundations & Structures Pvt.Ltd

Study of engineering properties of granite blocks to assess its suitability for building purposes

March 2003

Enterprising Enterprises Ltd, Chennai

Petrographic studies of rock samples to assess its suitability for building purposes

March 2003

Gimpex Ltd, Chennai

Hydrogeological modelling and particle tracking at the proposed Lambapur-Peddagattu Uranium mine sites, Andhra Pradesh

Oct 2002 - April  2003

Uranium Corporation India Ltd & MECON

Petrographic studies of foundation strata

Jan 2003

Geo-foundations & Structures Pvt. Ltd,  Chennai

Hydrogeology and Modelling groundwater flow at Lower Palar River Basin

Oct 2002 - June 2005

Public Works Department, Tamil Nadu

Geological mapping of foundation strata of  the Nuclear Power Project, Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu

Jan - Oct 2002

Larsen &Toubro, Chennai

Litholog and petrographic investigations of core samples of Nuclear reactor site, Kalpakkam

Sept 2002

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Remedial measures to prevent fracturing of granite blocks during quarrying in Visakhapatnam

Sept 2002

Enterprising Enterprises Ltd, Chennai

Petrography of core sample of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

Aug 2002

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Geological mapping and petrographic studies of reactor site for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

July 2002

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Geological investigation for National Highway between Tumkur-Sira, Karnataka

June 2002

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

SiO2 content for rock core samples for Jharkhand

May 2002

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Geological Investigation of break water rocks Ennore Satellite Port, Chennai 

March 2002

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd, Bombay

Petrographic study of foundation rocks

Feb 2002

Geo-foundation & Structures  Ltd, Chennai

Determination of silica content in Granites

July 2001

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Petrographic studies of Andaman rocks

July 2001

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Lithological and geological  investigation for Talcher Thermal Powwer Station, NTPC Ltd.

June 2001

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Geological classification and litho logging for Karwar Project Sea Bird

May 2001

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Chemical sand analysis of clay samples

Feb 2001

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Lithological and structural studies of deep core samples for the construction of BPL Ramagundam Thermal Power Station, Andhra Pradesh       

Aug 1999

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

Geological and geotechnical inspection of  core samples for  the construction of Kothagudam Thermal Power Station

May 1999

Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

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